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What we do


Home is what defines us. Every homeowner infuses his feelings, vision and personality into his home.
This is why we work so hard to help our clients bring to life their dream of their own perfect home.
Every residential dwelling can be designed in an infinite number of ways, so it is our job to understand our client’ desires, ideas, concepts and imagination in order to help produce their very own unique and personalized design.


Every commercial building today is expected to be designed and built to the highest standards of modern construction.
A well built modern commercial building will yield significantly more than a standard commercial building.
A building also brings a special sense of pride to its owner, which is why many owners take great time and effort to carefully plan and detail every aspect of the building so that it will truly be a success. This is where we come into play.
We guide and help our clients design their commercial masterpiece and bring their building to life.


Today we are seeing a revolution in office building planning. Modernization is taking co-working along with conventional office setups into an entirely new realm of design planning. The way we view the layout of floor space has dramatically changed to highly emphasize open, clean, and inspiring work environments.
If an office building wants  to compete in the current marketplace it needs to be exceptional.
We walk our clients every step of the way in designing and planning their modern, state of the art office buildings.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Permit & Build

It is our first and foremost goal to truly understand our clients vision. After meeting our clients and discussing their project in depth we outline core ideas. Once we have a general understanding of the project and vision we begin brainstorming to see if there are any other applications or options to better the project. This is the first step in bringing about an architectural masterpiece.

After meeting our clients and agreeing on the core ideas, outline and any potential options to add to and better the project, we begin to materialize the project. At this stage we try and get into out client’s thought process. This helps us understand our clients imagination so that we can envision the project as our clients do. Once we successfully step into our clients mindset we are able to assist them in turning their concepts and thoughts into physical designs.

At this point we have gained a clear understanding of the client’s vision for the project and can now begin to design and create it. Delivery will be dependent on the scope and complexity of the project at hand. Typical times range from a week to a couple of months. Certain projects will require a few additional meetings with clients just to review and sometimes reanalyze different aspects of the project. At the end of this stage, our clients will have finalized plans that are ready for submission to the city.

Finally after the plans are ready, we will submit the plans for approval. Once they are approved the city will hand us back approved ready to issue (RTI) plans that have been stamped by the city. Our clients or their designated contractor will now be able to pull the permit for their project using the ready to issue (RTI) plans. They will simply hand in the RTI to the city and pay the fee, and they will be given the permit allowing them to begin construction.

our team

Don Winter

Chief Structural Engineer

Sharon Wipranik

Head Architect

Kevin Reed

Senior Surveyor

John Wilbert

Chief Soils Engineer



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